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This manuscript is a thirteenth-century Paris-type Bible with prologues and an incomplete copy of the Interpretationes Hebraicorum nominum (entries for A to H) at the end of the volume.
This is a seventeenth-century copy of a fifteenth-century translation and re-working on the Rosarius Philosophorum.
This manuscript contains a collection of alchemical texts with copious notes and annotations in the margins.
This manuscript contains a copy of the central text of the Pseudo-Lullian alchemical corpus. It includes the complete text and two versions of the Tertia distinctio
This manuscript contains a copy of one of the central early texts of the Pseudo-Lullian alchemical corpus, assembled before the sixteenth century from two independent manuscripts.
This manuscript contains an early copy, made in England, of the Latin version of a fourteenth-century alchemical text. It includes the first book of the Testamentum and about fifty practical, alchemical recipes in Latin and English.
This manuscript contains two works by Raymond Llull, one on demonstrating the truth of Catholic faith and the other a treatise on preaching.
This manuscript contains a copy of a fourteenth-century alchemical treatise discussing the arguments for and against alchemy.
This manuscript contains a miscellany of practical and theoretical alchemical texts with a full-page drawing of alchemical instruments.
This manuscript contains a recipe collection with more than 520 different recipes on topics ranging from alchemy and medicine to solutions for simple household problems such as fleas, with an extensive alphabetical index.
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